Maryland Health Insurance Plan - MHIP

MHIP - Maryland Health Insurance Plan
This is your HIPAA option. This option should be considered by those who take many prescription medications. There are no limits for prescription drugs, but there is a separate $250 deductible for the drugs. The earliest that this will start is the 1st of the following month, assuming you return all required applications and information to offices prior to 15th of the current month. To qualify for MHIP you need to generally not be eligible for another health plan and be a resident of Maryland for 6 months.

___Sample Rates
_______$0 deductible for individual range from $297/month for a 30 year old up to.
_______$523/month for a 64 year old.
_______$1000 deductible for individual range from $185/month for a 30 year old up to.
_______$308/month for a 64 year old.

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The MHIP plan is probably your best bet if you qualfiy for the Trade Adjustment Act tax credit where the federal government pays 65% of you health care costs.

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MHIP is a state administered health insurance program for Maryland residents who do not have access to health insurance.

You may be eligible for the Maryland Health Insurance Plan if you are a resident of Maryland and:

Are not eligible for group health coverage, COBRA, the Maryland Medical Assistance or Children's Health Programs, Medicare or any other government-sponsored health insurance program;

Have exhausted all available group coverage or moved into Maryland from another state's high-risk pool;

Have, or have been offered, health insurance that provides limited or restricted coverage, or that excludes coverage for a specific medical condition or conditions;

Are receiving a federal Trade Readjustment Allowance or unemployment benefits under the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, or receiving pension payments from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation; or

Have been refused individual health insurance for medical reasons or have a specified medical condition.

Just call our office with any questions. The state pays us a one time fee of $50 if you let us process your application. Not much, but we'll take it. So, if you do buy the MHIP plan please process your application through us. We may be able to help you out in other areas as well.