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Blue Cross Blue Shield (CareFirst & Anthem)

If you reside in Maryland, DC, or Virginia, these plans below are our most popular. They provide good coverage at very reasonable rates. So good that for small employers we'll recommend they consider these plans for their employees over a "group" plan.

In Maryland our two most popular plans are the Personal Comp and BlueChoice. In DC the BluePreferred and BlueChoice are the most popular. And, Northern Viriginia's most popular plan is the BluePreferred. You buy based on where you live (not work). It's just a matter of preference.

If you can decide on your own just download the brochure and application and complete the application. You can fax the application back to 410-796-7456 (or 1-877-877-5801 toll free fax) to get your underwriting process started today. Feel free to apply for two plans and decide which to take later. If you need help sorting it all out our number is up a little and to the right. Remember our price is the same as everyone's, so you'll get unbiased, helpful information if you have questions. We also have more plans than any other site, so we can show you alternative plans as well.

(be patient while downloading you'll see blank screen until done -- we can also fax you the applications if you'd like -- send an E-mail with your fax number and details of what you are requesting -- also make sure you download the correct application -- Maryland if you live in Maryland, DC for DC, etc...)

MARYLAND - CareFirst Health Plans
(files include rates, brochure, and application)
BluePreferred MD - PPO plan with in and out of network benefits
Download Blue Preferred HSA Plan
Download Blue Preferred Saver Plan (Personal Comp above is the more preferred plan though)

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - DC - CareFirst Health Plans
(files include rates, brochure, and application)

2) BluePreferred DC - PPO plan with in and out of network benefits
Download BluePreferred HSA Plan

Download BluePreferred Saver Plan

VIRGINIA - CareFirst & Anthem Health Plans
(files include rates, brochure, and application)

If you live east of Route 123 or within the cities of Fairfax or Vienna, you're in the CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Sheild service area and will want this plan...

BluePreferred VA - PPO plan with in and out of network benefits
Download BluePreferred HSA
Download BluePreferred Saver

VIRGINIA - Anthem Health Plans
Otherwise you're in the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Sheild service area and would want this plan.. .
KeyCare Preferred - NOW all Anthem plans can be quoted and applied online directly with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield by following this link...
Get Anthem rates and apply online

Once you submit your health insurance application, we'll send you a same day confirmation E-mail letting you know that it has been received. We'll also let you know if there is any missing information on your application that will hold up the process. From there, we'll send you periodic E-mails to let you know how your application is progressing. There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing the status of an application whether it's for a loan or for insurance, so we remove this agony - a service you'll only receive from us. (we get calls all the time from people who didn't process their applications through us wondering how they're applications are doing -- you've now been warned

You'll notice a dental option on these plans, but we recommend foregoing that coverage and chosing the Ameritas Dental plan available under the dental insurance section of our site. The reason for this is that it's the only "good" dental plan that is actually insurance coverage. Most plans are just discount, whereas the Ameritas Dental Plan is the same coverage we sell to groups.

IMPORTANT -- *If you are coming off a group plan or COBRA coverage (after using up all 18 months of coverage) please contact our office immediately. There are special rules to get HIPAA coverage (coverage that can cover pre-existing conditions). Your window of opportunity to get this coverage is not very big and you don't get any second chances if you miss it. We've met too many people who could have obtained affordable coverage, but are now unable due to not knowing about these rules.

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